Send your dog to Happy Tails for a fun-filled day of play!


Happy Tails Doggie Playgroup provides a fun, safe, convenient and healthy way to meet your dog's exercise and socialization needs. It helps prevent destructive behavior that can be caused by loneliness if left at home during the day. Additionally, our private play yard is a safe alternative to dog parks, ensuring that your dog is fully supervised while socializing with other healthy, non-aggressive dogs.



Our staff will pick up your furry friend each morning and safely return your loved one back home after 3-4 hours of play and exercise. 

Playgroup guests return home tired and content after hours of play and socialization.

To ensure their safety, small dogs are separated from the larger dogs in their own fenced in areas.

Prior to participation all playgroup guests are evaluated to ensure a safe and friendly atmosphere.

If you would like to come home to a relaxed, happy dog, please give us a call.

Your pup will love you for it! We offer free consultation and are happy to provide references upon reques

Life is Good...but Happy Tails makes it better!   
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